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Configuring LineaPy

We can configure LineaPy in several different ways:

  • Use CLI options when starting LineaPy from the command line
  • Set environmental variables
  • Create/update configuration file

For instance, the following all achieves the same effect of changing the LineaPy base folder to /lineapy and starting ipython.

lineapy --home-dir="/lineapy" ipython
export LINEAPY_HOME_DIR=/lineapy
lineapy ipython

Add {"home_dir": "/lineapy"} to the configuration file:

    "home_dir": "/lineapy",

and run:

lineapy ipython

The value of a configuration item is determined by the following "order of precedence":

  1. CLI option
  2. Environment variable
  3. Configuration file
  4. Default value

Core Configuration Items

Item Description Type Default Value Environment Variable
home_dir LineaPy base folder Path $HOME/.lineapy LINEAPY_HOME_DIR
artifact_storage_dir artifact saving folder Path $LINEAPY_HOME_DIR/linea_pickles LINEAPY_ARTIFACT_STORAGE_DIR
database_url LineaPy db connection string string sqlite:///$LINEAPY_HOME_DIR/db.sqlite LINEAPY_DATABASE_URL
customized_annotation_folder user annotations folder Path $LINEAPY_HOME_DIR/customized_annotations LINEAPY_CUSTOMIZED_ANNOTATION_FOLDER
do_not_track disable user analytics boolean false LINEAPY_DO_NOT_TRACK
logging_level logging level string INFO LINEAPY_LOGGING_LEVEL
logging_file logging file path Path $LINEAPY_HOME_DIR/lineapy.log LINEAPY_LOGGING_FILE

Configuration Items for Integration with Other Tools

Item Description Type Default Value Environment Variable
mlflow_tracking_uri MLflow tracking string None LINEAPY_MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI
mlflow_registry_uri MLflow registry string None LINEAPY_MLFLOW_REGISTRY_URI
default_ml_models_storage_backend Default storage backend for ML models string mlflow LINEAPY_DEFAULT_ML_MODELS_STORAGE_BACKEND


LineaPy provides a CLI command to generate the configuration file (as a json file) based on existing environmental variables, CLI options, and default values. For example, running:

$ lineapy --home-dir='/lineapy' init 

will generate a configuration file looking as follows:

    "home_dir": "/lineapy",
    "artifact_storage_dir": "/lineapy/linea_pickles",
    "database_url": "sqlite:///lineapy/db.sqlite",
    "customized_annotation_folder": "/lineapy/customized_annotations",
    "do_not_track": false,
    "logging_level": "INFO",
    "logging_file": "/lineapy/lineapy.log"


In an interactive session, we can type lineapy.options to check current configuration item values. We can also update configuration items on the fly with lineapy.options.set(key, value), but this should be done at the beginning of the session to avoid potential conflicts with prior operations in the session.

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